Meeting my Basic Needs Through Quality Customer Service

Meeting our Needs through Customer Service This past week I received a phone call. The caller said: “ I am so sorry to inform you that the order for the coat you wanted cannot be fulfilled even though when I put it in the computer when you were here, it said they had one.” What could I say to that? I heard myself say: “ Don’t worry, these things happen and I guess my hunt for a winter coat simply starts over. “  “ Just a minute she said: “ I am just going to check our rack in case…

Who is Driving Your Car Today?

Do you sometimes give away the control of your life? It is like giving someone the keys to your car and letting them take you wherever they want to go.  How often do you give your keys away? How often do you end up bickering and arguing in your relationship over the smallest, crazy things? Someone will argue with me over this one. But what is control all about? For me it is the act of wanting to control someone else or something. Hopefully those reading this understand that we just cannot control another person but some people work so…

Real Conversations in Social Media

I had an interesting experience this week that got me thinking into social media and relationships. I attended a workshop on social media and heard about all the devastating events that can happen along with all the positives ideas. A comment was made that when someone is extremely negative about something you post, that it would be wise to not engage in that conversation. As I think about this and as I think about social media, I realize that I have knowledge that could be useful to the world in terms of understanding this person and realizing the reason for…

Pobody’s Nerfect!

I received two e-mails today and both said in the heading: Perfect!!  As somewhat of a perfectionist, this was music to my ears. You see, I have been accused over the years as being a perfectionist! Something others saw in me but I did not see in myself.

When I became consciously aware of this, I began to see my imperfections as a perfectionist! Yes, there are times when I want things to be just so and this can be a detriment to someone in business for themselves. You see, we have a tendency to  want everything just right before we put it out there for the world to see, especially in this world of social media.

One of my mentors Paul Martineli uses the phrase “ just do it and build your wings on the way down”. I have been doing more of that but it is very hard to let myself do it. The good news! It is actually working for me. It does not hurt to just do it and see what happens!