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I came across this wonderful quote from Les Brown who also suggested that we shoot for the moon and we may land on a star. What a wonderful speaker he is! 

“Know your worth! Do not fall into the trap of believing that who you are and what you are worth are dependent on who you are with or what you have. No one can ever give you your self-worth. You decide if you let someone rob you of it. Become aware of how you medicate the pain in your life. It may include food, shopping, alcohol, drugs, or relationships which continue to diminish your sense of self.

You will never truly feel good until you learn to love yourself unconditionally. Your life is a gift. Say to yourself constantly..."I deserve the best that life has to offer." Live from this place. Make it a point to build new relationships that are positive, encouraging and supportive. Take it upon yourself to develop a sense of purpose, optimism, discipline. Realize that no one can take away your most valuable assets - your mind and your self-esteem, without your permission. You have GREATNESS within you!”  Les Brown

Every once in a while I think it is important that we step back and take a look at how we are treating ourselves. I think this quote about is one that we could all post on a wall somewhere and just remind ourselves that we do deserve the best that life has to offer!  Stop and think about what is your purpose and your own inner greatness.

I love that Les says no one can give you your self-worth and you decide if you are going to get someone rob you of it. I have talked before about three little words in the English language with big meaning.  I speak about how we are taught from a very early age not to be selfish and to share with others.  Sometimes this is reinforced so much that we do lose sight of ourselves and we give and give and give until we have nothing left and we become self-less . Take these words of Les Brown and remind yourself that you need to stop every now and then and take stock and fill yourself (become Self-full) up so you can serve others.

What are you doing for yourself today?


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Recently, I worked with a client who wanted to discuss her lack of confidence. As a coach I wanted to get clearer. So I said: ‘Explain to me what you mean by more confidence. “

She went on to talk about all the areas in her life where she is lacking confidence. Her children are grown and have personal relationship issues. She somehow took this on to mean she was a terrible mother and she was allowing this to cross over into her work life.

She is going to a business meeting with a group of peers and she wishes she could just show up with confidence. She is telling herself that she does not have much to offer and that “everyone else” is more educated and smarter than her. I asked her:

“ Is that true”?

She looked at me wide eyed and said “ no, it is not true, I really do not know.”  I then asked her how it served her to think that way. She agreed it did not and she was amazed at how she let herself go down that rabbit hole!

You see, what you think about you become! She is struggling with a relationship issue with one person and has given her power to that person without even realizing it. We looked a limiting beliefs, her strengths and times in her life where she felt confident.

She said, I need to “ feel” it. “ Feel” the confidence. As soon as she looked at times when she had felt confident, she looked at me and said” I have it, I have the feeling back!”

She had it within her the whole time.  This is the value of working with a coach! A coach gets really curious about things and asks the questions to bring out what you already have inside. What are you doing to invest in yourself? Have you ever thought about working with a coach?


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Judge Not Want Not

This is a lesson I learned early on in learning the ideas of Dr. William Glasser.  You see at that time I was making judgments all the time. As a nurse, I was taught to judge.  Judge the condition of my patients, judge the work of others, judge the right amount of medicine to give, etc. 

I believe we make judgments, minute by minute daily. Without being able to judge, we would not survive

So what is judgment? According to the Oxford Dictionary

The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions:


an error of judgment


An opinion or conclusion:

they make subjective judgments about children’sskills

Criticize or condemn someone from a position of assumed moral superiority:

we’re here to help, not to pass judgment


It is the last statement that is so important. Have you ever judged someone only to find out that you really missed the mark. The beauty of the Procedures that Lead to Change (Reality Therapy) is that we learn to communicate with people, without judgment.  How often have we heard people say things like “ you’ll never amount to anything”  or “ you can’t possibly do that” ?

 I have learned that the more open I can be and the less I judge others, the happier I will be. Recently, I attended a seminar on diversity. The speaker spoke about the workplace and how we interact with our co-workers. How we never know where the worker is coming from. For example, when someone gives an answer to an issue, they are always coming from their frame of reference.  None of us have the same experiences in life and if we judge an individual by what they do and say without going deeper, we may miss a gem.

Let’s look at the definition “an opinion or conclusion”. This is probably why we are in so much trouble in our relationships. We base our opinions on what we have learned and on our own experiences.  How often as teachers/parents do we judge our students capabilities, but if we could use more open ended questions and guide the child we have no idea really what they are capable of.

 All I want to say is choose to live a life with less judgment of others and see what happens. Be consciously aware when you are judging others and determine if it is accurate. The less you judge the happier you will be guaranteed.  As my father could be heard saying almost daily “ judge not want not”

I love my life! This week I had a conversation about guilt on more than one occasion. It has been a long time since I have had this conversation.  I can remember many times in my past that I had been guilt ridden. In fact, there was so much guilt it was like I was caught in a trap! How about you? Do you find yourself in the “ guilt trap” ?

So what is guilt?

“Guilt is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes or believes—accurately or not—that he or she has compromised his or her own standards of conduct or has violated a moral standard, and bears significant responsibility for that violation.[1] It is closely related to the concept of remorse.” ( Wickipedia)

Note guilt is a cognitive or emotional experience.  That means that thinking is a big part of it and where do we have more control in our total behavior? Our control is in our thinking and acting.  You see, in my past, I had a ton of limiting beliefs that I inherited from adults in my life and imposing guilt was a behavior used in an attempt to control me.

Guilt is one of those emotions that we can easily use to express that we are feeling sorry for a behavior we chose without having to say I’m sorry.

“Very simply, guilt can be defined as the feeling of self-condemnation that we experience after we do something we think is wrong.”

                                                                              Jerry Jampolsky MD

For what purpose does it serve us to self-condemn? Does this derail our self-esteem, self-worth and confidence?

There are a couple of areas I think about here. If you have done something that goes against what you value, you have violated one of your own quality world pictures and you are responsible for that. But what if you have done something that violates another’s value or belief. There are some things to think about. Do you agree with that belief? Is it you belief or does it belong to someone else.

None of this matters really. If you are choosing guilt, it may be that you are trying to force yourself to do something you don’t want to do and you are doing it mainly to please someone else. This is external control again.

Think about it. If you feel remorse for a behavior you have chosen why not admit you were in the wrong. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness and move on. It sounds simple but remember the alternative is to remain stuck.

Guilt is a wasted emotion designed to keep us stuck!

We have a choice!


Heath J.

In my mid-30s, I made a life-changing decision to return to university. I sold my house and my car and moved to another country with my partner. It was all in pursuit of a dream career as a university professor. The problem? It made me miserable. Back in Canada for a few months, I sought out Maureen’s counsel. The decision was difficult for me: spend another two years studying something I disliked in a foreign country, but get closer to my dream job, or stop studying and pursue an alternate career path. Maureen never pressured, never judged. She taught me about choice theory, and helped me to identify and manage my insecurities. I found her to be a trustworthy, friendly voice of reason in a difficult, trying time.

I stopped my university studies, and a month later accepted an extremely fulfilling job as a college instructor and department head. I have the job I would have wanted, even if I had finished my degree. I feel happy, challenged and fulfilled. My personal relationships have also benefited from my certainty of choice and confidence. Maureen helped me find my way, and I am grateful for her wise counsel.

Heath J., Moncton


I thank you for all the opportunities and support you have given me over the many years of our friendship.

My relationship with you and Choice Choice theory has constantly guided and directed my life in a positive direction. The ability to change my thinking enriches my life each day. It helped me survive during the days of my deepest grief. You love your life and all those you have helped love you!

Barbara Rombough

Liette M. Collier

Choice Theory is a powerful life-changing tool. Its language has become a part of me and brings shared-awareness to my family and friends, clients, group participants, and work peers alike. Once we acknowledge the power of choice, that we own it, and that the impact of benefits and consequences alike are ours, we become not only empowered but also released from limiting beliefs and false boundaries.

Liette M. Collier

Robin Sauve

Maureen is a true expert in Choice Theory. She finds a way to apply relevant, practical applications of the theory into real life. Through coaching, Maureen invests a lot of time with her clients, making sure we consider all options. She is an excellent compassionate guide in this journey called life.

Robin Sauve, Marketing Manager

Wholesale & Specialty Products at Irving Oil

Carleen Glasser

Maureen is an outstanding faculty member of the William Glasser Institute! She has expertise in so many areas of the helping professions her contributions to the well-being and happiness of countless people of all ages is truly commendable. If only they could clone Maureen the world would be such a better place!

Carleen Glasser, CEO William Glasser, Inc.

Senior Faculty, Glasser Institute

Laura Prisc

I have been blessed to work with Maureen for several months, as my personal coach. She has skillfully facilitated my personal growth by asking the kinds of questions that require me to dig deep and get to the root of my beliefs, which sometimes hold me back! She provides very perceptive insights, and leads me through a process that drives me to more clearly define my wants, needs, and desires, along with actions I am committed to taking to move myself closer to the vision I hold for my future. I look forward to continuing this journey with Maureen, and highly recommend her as a teacher and coach. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do not hesitate for a second -- just say YES!less

Laura Prisc

Founder at Leadership & Life Potential, LLC

Owner, La Teraz

I have known Maureen as a counsellor, always really coaching for almost 20 years. I know very few people with the integrety and consistency that I have seen in the last two decades. Maureen has been teaching and guiding people in making choices for as long as I can remember with a professionalism and knowledge that is admired by other counselors in the city, including myself. When we host our own team building programs at La Teraz, even though I have training in the field and followed her courses in Choice Theory, I call her and her partner to facilitate the group's segment on Choice Theory. When I need to get honnest and reliable feedback, she is one of the primary people I consult in my own business to get the right questions asked to help me make my own choices to reach my ideal world in business. I not only accept to offer a recommendation I am honoured to refer her as one of the best in her field.less

Owner, La Teraz

Business Development Consultant

Rachelle Daigle

Met Maureen many years ago during a difficult life transition. She was recommended to me and I have been grateful for the connection. Through her teaching of Choice Theory she provides clarity, direction and empowerment to act. I have since been recommending her to anyone I know who is in need of her type of services. You can go see other couselors for months and start to feel better or you can go see Maureen and get direction within a few visits. the results last a life time. 
Love what you do Maureen!less

Rachelle Daigle

Business Development Consultant

Richard Chartrand CFP, CHS, CLU

Maureen is a warm person who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people she works with. She is very knowledgeable in her field and much can be learned from her! Maureen thank you so much for a great and "ah ha" filled training, you are a great instructor and such an inspiration. The reason I took this course is because of someone who you taught in the past, which i think says a lot. I felt so comfortable, and your enthusiasm and passion made me want to pay attention to every word. I so look forward to continuing on this journey! Jill Wakelin

Richard Chartrand CFP, CHS, CLU

Helping Financial Advisors (Heroes) Change Lives Forever!

LA Teraz

I very much agree that this training is of utmost benefit to anyone in counselling and in business and sales, I will decline, as i believe it so beneficial that I went for the full certification last year. Maureen is an excellent trainer and I benefited so much with her support, not only in certification, but in all the previous years of knowing this amazing coach. Wishing everyone the best experience in choosing to open this new door to understanding human behavior and choices

LA Teraz